The smelting ore use PP filter cloth back

Model: PP-001
Trademark: LanYu
Trademark photo:
Standard: 746g/square meter
Unit: Square meter
Origin: Yancheng
Unit Price: USD10.00-USD15.00 /Square meter
Productivity: 10000 square meter/day
Max order: 100000000 square meter
Min order: 100 square meter
Packing: Waterproof woven bag or carton
TransTime: 10 days
Transportation: Road Transport
Payment: T/T
    Product Description

This PP type cloth is special for the smelting ore use, main use is Solid-liquid separation and Vacuum dewatering, as it's inside base cloth is the high strength wire base cloth, after at least 5 needling, the tensile strength is very high, to suit for the smelting ore use.

There always add the hook on the side of the two short side to make the cloth fix together like a bag, to work well on the machine, as it is use for the solid-liquid separation so the hook mterial is aways use as 316 L SS.



    Technique parameter
MaterialPP Filter Cloth
Tensile strengthwarp:2500, weft:2200
Elongation at breakwarp30%, weft30%
Calenderingsingle face calender


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